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The eating disorders memorial quilt raises awareness in Washington.

Eating Disorders Memorial Quilt
The quilt is dedicated to the memory of people who have died from an eating disorder. It is displayed at EDC events, annual meetings, press conferences, and congressional briefings.

There is no charge for adding a block to either quilt, though donations are welcome.


Instructions for Eating Disorders Memorial Quilt Panels

  • Base fabric should be white, preferably cotton.  Kona cotton, available in most fabrics stores, is a good weight.
  • Start with a 16"x16" square and allow at least one inch of room for seams on all sides (finished blocks will be 14"x14").
  • Be creative! Blocks might include a name, photographs, birth and death dates, quotations, and symbols of a favorite hobby or activity.

  • Craft stores carry sew-on and iron-on appliqués with a variety of designs, including letters.

  • Fabric paint and markers are another easy way to add color and artwork.

  • Text and photographs are fairly easy to transfer onto fabric.  Many office supply stores as well as craft and fabric stores carry special paper for this purpose.  Use your computer to print the images onto the paper and then iron onto your fabric (follow instructions in the package).  If you do not have a digital image, many copy shops can scan photographs for you.

  • IMPORTANT: Remember that you will need to print the images (and especially text) in mirror image onto the transfer paper so it will come out right on the fabric.

  • Please DO NOT fold your block once it is finished, because the creases may damage your transfer images.  The best way to mail it to us is to wrap it around an empty paper towel roll and then insert it into a poster mailing tube.

  • Finally, tell us about the person on the panel. Include a letter, or send us an e-mail message describing the person's life, aspirations, or struggles. Perhaps include information about your relationship to the person on the panel. Information you provide with the panel may be included on the EDC Web site or in printed articles about the quilt panel.

Please note that we are not able to print the panels, and you will need to send it already printed.


Mail your completed panel to:

Eating Disorders Coalition
720 7th St NW Ste 300
Washington, DC  20001-3902


Millie Plotkin, Eating Disorders Memorial Quilt Coordinator

Printer-friendly Instructions
Memorial Quilt Flyer (pdf)
Memorial Quilt Flyer (Word doc)



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