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Be part of our Letter Writing Campaign!

Below are step-by-step instructions for contacting your Representative, including sample letters. You can use the sample letters below verbatim or tailor your letter so that it speaks from your heart, and from your specific connection to Eating Disorders (i.e., I’m a treatment provider, a mom, a friend of someone suffering, etc…). While we encourage you to share why the Truth In Advertising Act and the FREED Act are important to you specifically, we also ask that you stay consistent in the message provided in the sample letters. Your letters should be no longer than one page in length (about 5 paragraphs). Thank you in advance for your participation in and support of our goal to have 1000 voices represented! We can pass the Truth In Advertising Act and the FREED Act with your voice, passion, and commitment.


1.  Find Out: "Who Is My Representative?"

Click here to find your Representative's contact information

2. Find Out: "To Whom Do I Send My Letter?"

Use the contact information posted on your Representative’s website. Most offices allow you to email your letter directly from their website via a “webiform." Simply paste your adapted letter and send.

3.  Please Send a Copy of Your Letter To: Kathleen MacDonald

Click Here for a Truth In Advertising Sample Letter to Your Representative

Click Here for a FREED Sample Letter to Your Representative

Please amend your letter to make it personal. Share a little of your story/experience with eating disorders.  Please keep your letter to two pages maxmium.